Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Kol Shofar

Celebrate the Festival of Shavuot!
Saturday, May 19, Congregation Kol Shofar (215 Blackfield Drive in Tiburon)

7:45 pm: Panel Discussion - Standing Again at Sinai: How Women's Voices Have Shaped Rabbinic Tradition, moderated by Rabbi Steinberg with Rabbis Leider, Levy and Rosen-Brown

8:45 pm: Shavuot service and Havdalah, led by Rabbis LEdier and Levy, honoring Kol Shofar teens

9:15 pm: Receiving Torah Anew, Rabbi Steinberg Beit Knesset

9:30 - 11:00 pm: Dessert Buffet and Learning in the Beit Midrash:
9:30 with Cantor Margules | 10:00 with Rabbi Leider | 10:30 with Rabbi Levy