REAL Speaker Series: Reinventing Retirement

Reinventing Retirement with Barbara Waxman

Here's a little secret: There is no such thing as retirement anymore! Concluding your full-time paid or unpaid career doesn't mean being "put out to pasture." On the contrary,  it can be an opportunity to begin a new and exciting chapter of your life. When retirement was created (yes, it was created), people were only expected to live for about 10 more years, and not all of those very robustly. Now, we are living longer, healthier lives and are hungry for meaning, engagement and purpose. Sharing stories, facts, coaching tools and resources, Waxman will inspire you to shed old stories about the retirement years and take on new ways to imagine and create your future path.

Barbara Waxman's work has been featured in Fortune, Newsday, U.S. News & World Report, AARP The Magazine, and more. 

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