October 2018 Donations

(Y) = Yahrzeit of     (M) = In memory of     (H) = In honor of     (A) = In Appreciation
Al Klugman Hospitality Fund
This fund helps to attract new members through special events.
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/Marcia Tunik
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/Mickey & Toni Golbus
Building and Beautification Fund
This fund is used to improve and beautify our building and grounds.
Y        Martin Ostroff/Cindy Ostroff
Cantor David Margules’ Discretionary Fund
Y        George Hal De May/Mary De May
H        Josh & Jess Baker’s Renewal of Vows/Sharron Baker
Y        Lazar Smertenko/Yury & Evgenya Friedman
Y        Judith Handler/Debbi Handler
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/The Albert Family
M       Richard Jacobs/Susie Jacobs
Y        Abraham Brownstein/Martin & Geri Brownstein
Y        Hildegard vanLier/Madelon vanLier
M       L. Rosenthal/Flora Lynn Isaacson
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/Jonathan Delson & Mindy Jonas
Y        Donald Grossman/Robert Grossman
Y        Ruth Grossman/Robert Grossman
Y        Hillard Ross/Robert Grossman
A        Cantor David Margules/Hilda Namm
Elsie Krinitsky Musical Artists-in-Residence Fund
This fund supports a Composer-In-Residence for a scholarly weekend.
Y        Al Krinitsky/David Krinitsky
Fred & Hilla Kirschner Music Endowment Fund
This fund provides for musical concerts emphasizing the liturgical music of the western European Jewish communities from the Emancipation to the Holocaust including compositions by Cantor Emmanuel Kirschner.
Gary L. Rifkind Annual Adult Congregational Trip to Israel
Y         Pauline Weiner/Larry & Barbara Weiner Babow
General Endowment Fund
This fund helps to insure the future of the congregation.  A portion of the interest accrued each year will help the operating expenses of the congregation.
Y        Fannie Breiner/Richard & Dorothy Breiner
General Fund
This fund serves as a supplementary source of income that contributes to the operation of the synagogue.
A        Rodef Sholom/Mildred Tinkler
A        Rodef Sholom/Toby Cossman
A        Rodef Sholom/Richard & Margaret Simon
A        Rodef Sholom/Judith Frankenstein
M       Gertrude Constantine/John & Harriett Michael
A        Rodef Sholom/The Vogel-Seidenberg Family
M       Florence Rubenstein/Sheri & Jerry Langer
M       Juan Reyes Castro Gonzalez/Roberto & Cynthia Gonzalez
M        Gail Geiger/Elenore Hahn
H        Adina & Jonah Golbus’ B’nai Mitzvah/Marilyn Sugarman
Y        Lee Bruce Nole/Lois Nole
Y        Marvin E. Lewis, Sr./Marvin & Andrea Lewis
Y        Jack Seligman/Terry Seligman
A        Rodef Sholom/The Fenner Family
Y        Suzanne Jean Gray/Ron & Sarah Simon
Y        Andrew Pavlovsky/Lisa Pavlovsky & Jay Schulman
Y        Andrew Pavlovsky/Joyce Pavlovsky
Harry & Rose Harris Music Fund
Y        Roberta Slavin/Martin Slavin & Jessica Freilich
Joan and Fred Falender Endowment Fund for the Homeless
This fund provides financial assistance to community members who are hungry and homeless.
Y        Arnold Schulman/Jay Schulman
John & Harriett Michael College Outreach and Visitation Fund
This fund supports the clergy’s outreach to congregants’ children away at college.
Y        Ellen Hohenstein/Ingrid Rubin
Mitzvah Kitchen Fund
H        Andrew Wynschenk’s Wedding/Dini Freeman
Y        Arthur Zion/Vivian Cohen
Y        Richard Kamler/Bobbie & Don Kamler
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/Moji Javid
Prayerbook Fund
This fund helps to purchase prayerbooks and Chumashim (Torah commentaries).
A        Rodef Sholom/Grady Holley
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Roslyn Zimmerman/Zachary Zimmerman
Rabbi Lara Regev’s Discretionary Fund
H        Jazlyn O’Mohundro McSweeney/Karyn O’Mohundro
Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Larry Moskowitz/Jerry Moskowitz
Y        Jeanne Key/Jackie Moskowitz
M       Gail Geiger/Miriam Cohn
Y        Carol Berkenkotter/Flora Lynn Isaacson
Y        Morris Moskowitz/Dara & Gerald Moskowitz
M       Gail Geiger/Joanne & Daniel Sobel
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Marvin & Michele Zwerin
M       Gail Geiger/Ilaine Cohen
H        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Joyce Siegel
Y        Richard Greenblat/Claudette Greenblat
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Sanford & Sandra Fish
M       Richard Jacobs/Susie Jacobs
Y        Harvey Rothschild/Gail & Robert Haar
Y        Lou Cherin/Don & Margie Cherin
Y        Andrew Pavlovsky/ Dara & Gerald Moskowitz
Y        Ruth Gold/Karyn O’Mohundro
Y        Helen Brotman/Martin Brotman
Religious School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund
This fund helps to support synagogue youth activities and to provide supplemental funds for various day trips and overnight activities.
A        Rodef Sholom/John & Harriett Michael
Rosalind & David Bloom Shabbat Oneg Fund
This fund allows us to provide a joyous oneg as we prepare for Shabbat.
Y        Gertrude Katz/Judy & Filmore Rodich
Y        Robert Katz/Judy & Filmore Rodich
Y        Nathan Rodich/Judy & Filmore Rodich
Y        Gloria Segal/Judy & Filmore Rodich
Social Action Fund
A        Sukkot with Venetia Valley/Mark & Kay Noguchi
H        Judy Bloomberg/Mickey & Toni Golbus
The Rabbi Michael Barenbaum Endowment Fund
Y        Herman Wertheim/Frank & Lee Battat