November 2018 Donations

(Y) = Yahrzeit of     (M) = In memory of     (H) = In honor of     (A) = In Appreciation
This fund is used to improve and beautify our building and grounds.
Y        Martha Greene/JoAnne and Fred Greene
Y        Marvin Greene/JoAnne and Fred Greene
A        Rodef Sholom/Jonathan & Jessica Marker
Cantor David Margules’ Discretionary Fund
Y        Melanie Heller/Herbert Heller
A        Cantor David Margules/Andre Gabany
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/The Liberman-Flushman Family
Y        Dorothy Hornstein/Val Horstein
M       Marilyn Sumski/Jack Sumski
Y        Jeanne Konopken/Martin Konopken & Richard Schneider
Y        Solomon Heitner/The Heitner Family
Y        Sarah Flaumenhaft/Abe & Suzanne Froman
A        Cantor David Margules/Peter & Louise Petri
Elsie Krinitsky Musical Artists-in-Residence Fund
This fund supports a Composer-In-Residence for a scholarly weekend.
Y        Edwin Gabriel/Joan Hersko
Y        Maurice Klotz/Ruth & Steve Nash
General Endowment Fund
This fund helps to insure the future of the congregation.  A portion of the interest accrued each year will help the operating expenses of the congregation.
H        Eda Pell/Suzanne & David Broad
Y        Bessie Chaba/Maurice & Emily Weinger
Y        Daniel B. Landau/Richard & Dorothy Breiner
Y        Dorothy Landau/ Richard & Dorothy Breiner
H        The Babow’s 60th Anniversary/Lee & Frank Battat
Y        Kitty Plotnick/Maurice & Emily Weinger
General Fund
This fund serves as a supplementary source of income that contributes to the operation of the synagogue.
M       Sandy Cohen/Ann Blender & Ronald Zimmerman
Y        Robert Winner/Joan Kirsner
Y        Arthur Portnoy/Jessica Carroll
M       Congregants of Tree of Life Synagogue/Dini Freeman
Y        Gerald Blanton/Marian Blanton
Y        Loen Cohn/Trudy Cohn
Y        Harold W. Hyman/The Barad Family
Y        Winifred S. Barad/The Barad Family
Y        Murray Gelleri/Shari Nemerovski
A        Rodef Sholom/Union of Reform Judaism
Y        Rabbi Pierce Annes/Jacqueline Annes
Y        Harriet Bookbinder/Jacqueline Annes
Y        Tina Staller Shea/Terry Shea
Y        Arlene Blumberg/Catherine Blumberg
Y        Gary Kirschner/Ethel Kirschner
Y        Dorothy LaBran/Ingrid & Andrew Tolson
Y        Gussie Israel/Bernard Israel
Y        Sylvia Macks/Elsie Krinitsky
Y        Richard Shemano/Gary Shemano
Y        Jacob Shemano/Gary Shemano
Y        Elaine Ginsberg/Cynthia & Irv Shapiro
Y        Irving Shapiro/Cynthia & Irv Shapiro
Y        Simon Charlip/Muriel C. Fox
Y        Ardythe Gross Arnold/Karen Arnold
Y        Selma Shenson/Merv Shenson
Gift of Israel Endowment Fund
Y        Stefanie S. Jagoda/Steve & Cheryl Jagoda
Joan and Fred Falender Endowment Fund for the Homeless
This fund provides financial assistance to community members who are hungry and homeless.
Y        Don Baker/Sharron Baker
Y        Samuel Shensa/Paul Shensa
John & Harriett Michael College Outreach and Visitation Fund
This fund supports the clergy’s outreach to congregants’ children away at college.
H        Shayne Bialkin’s 100th Birthday/John & Harriett Michael
Y        Anna Goldstein/Ronald Marinoff
Marty and Marlene Gershik Chesed Fund
Chesed means “kindness”. This fund serves as a resource and as an aid to those in need.  It also gives opportunities for study and enrichment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
Y        Elaine Lipton/Barbara & Jules Schechner
Mitzvah Kitchen Fund
Y        Liza Krystal/Dori Smalridge
Y        Harold Goldman/Sue Levin
A        Moji Javid/Jacqueline Annes
Y        Sandra Lee Pellizzari/Joanna & Allan Berland
H        Luanne & Ira Lansing’s Hanukkah Celebrations/Jeremy Lansing
Prayerbook Fund
This fund helps to purchase prayerbooks and Chumashim (Torah commentaries).
Y        A.L. (Pete) Bolgla/Jan Bolgla & Bob Wisner
Y        Abe Friedman/Jan Bolgla
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown’s Discretionary Fund
A        Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown/Catherine Blumberg
Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Jack Kadesh/Jeanette Kadesh
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Robert & Ruth Cohen
Y        David Lawrence/Nancy Boughey
M       Alan Rosenberg/Carole Liss
M       Congregants of Tree of Life Synagogue/Miriam Cohn
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Andre Gabany
Y        Richard Moskowitz/Jerry Moskowitz
Y        Victor Feld/Lawrence Feld
Y        Ruth Horenstein/Don & Margie Cherin
Y        Willie Cherin/Don & Margie Cherin
Y        Lionel Shatz/Leslie & Roger Shatz
Y        Margaret Schmalenbach/Andre Gabany
Y        Lillian Ferm/Rick & Tracy Ferm
Religious School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund
This fund helps to support synagogue youth activities and to provide supplemental funds for various day trips and overnight activities.
M       Alan Rosenberg/Suzanne Waterman
M       Alan Rosenberg/Alexandra & Ryan Loomba
M       Alan Rosenberg/Bobbie & Leslie Garber
M       Alan Rosenberg/Judy & Chip Kaplove
Shulchan Shabbat Fund (Our Shabbat Table)
This fund supports the temple’s efforts to bring everyone in to our community by providing our first Friday night of the month Shabbat service and dinner.
H        Generations Shabbat/Women of Rodef Sholom