March 2018 Donations

(Y) = Yahrzeit of    (M) = In memory of    (H) = In honor of    (A) = In Appreciation of
Building and Beautification Fund
This fund is used to improve and beautify our building and grounds.
Y        Sonny Schwarz/Ellen & Alan Berkowitz
Cantor David Margules’ Discretionary Fund
M       Edith Samuel/Shayne Bialkin
Y        Moe Schneir/Dara & Gerald Moskowitz
A        Cantor David Margules/James Samuel
Y        Richard Bernstein/Jeffry Bernstein
Y        Harry Moskowitz/Geri & Marty Brownstein
A        Cantor David Margules/Seth Davis & Jill Friend Davis
Y        John Francis Neylan/Thomas Neylan & Mary De May
Y        Norman Zimmerman/Edward Zimmerman
M       Deborah Harrison/Joyce Pavlovsky
H        Ava Margules’ baby naming/Francoise Rothstein
A        Cantor David Margules’ support for Paul/Sharry & Paul Schwarzbart
Elsie Krinitsky Musical Artists-in-Residence Fund
This fund supports a Composer-In-Residence for a scholarly weekend.
Y        Harold B. Krinitsky/David Krinitsky
General Endowment Fund
This fund helps to insure the future of the congregation.  A portion of the interest accrued each year will help the operating expenses of the congregation.
Y        Joseph Plotnick/Maurice & Emily Weinger
General Fund
This fund serves as a supplementary source of income that contributes to the operation of the synagogue.
Y        Irene Rosenzweig/Joanne & Fred Greene
Y        Bob Rose/Joanne & Fred Greene
Y        Aida Needleman/Gerald Needleman
Y        Michael John Tunis/Jill & Larry Tunis
Y        Riva Shuster/Aviva Shane
Y        Lucille Winslow/Barbara & Jules Schechner
Y        Helen Young/Jerald Young
Y        Morris Young/Jerald Young
Y        Rae Klatzker/Gail Geiger
Y        Karen Tarica/Gail Geiger
Y        Ted Kaplan/Andrea & Martin Lewis
Y        Gerald George Arnold/Karen J. Arnold
Y        Ludwig Loebl/Lotte Frank
Y        Dell Sones/Catherine Blumberg
Y        Pearl Teitler/Ilene Genet
Y        H. Harvey Simon/Richard Simon
Y        Rose C. Simon/Richard Simon
Y        Anne-Marie Simon/Richard Simon
Y        Joseph Eugene Tanner/Margot Segal
Y        Dona Greenfield/Milton & Constance Greenfield
Y        Connel Murray/Gail Giacomini
Y        George Annes/Jackie Annes
Y        Lisa Saks/Lisa Shenson
A        Rodef Sholom/Lotte Frank
Y        Marta Hafner/Jessica Caroll
H        The wedding of Debi Geller & Ed Zimmerman/Cathy & Fred Ross-Perry
Y        Roslyn Evans/Meg Edelson
M       Allen Haim/Bob & Gail Haar
John & Harriett Michael College Outreach and Visitation Fund
This fund supports the clergy’s outreach to congregants’ children away at college.
Y        Marvin P. Breiner/Dorothy & Richard Breiner
Library Fund
This fund helps to purchase new books and restore old books for the Library.
Y        Robert Victor Hartley/Shelley & Robert Siegan
Marty and Marlene Gershik Chesed Fund
Chesed means “kindness”. This fund serves as a resource and as an aid to those in need.  It also gives opportunities for study and enrichment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
Y        Edward Caro/Irving Schwartz
H        Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s recovery/Ditka Reiner
Mitzvah Kitchen Fund
Y        Eleanor Getz Lorton/Terry Seligman
Y        Raquel Furman/Dori Smalridge
Y        Milton Kamler/Bobbie & Don Kamler
Y        Randolph V. Seligman/Terry Seligman
A        The Mitzvah Kitchen/Rosalie Yacknin
Y        Erminia Pellizzari Daldoss/Joanna & Allan Berland
Y        Mario Daldoss/Joanna & Allan Belrand
A        Yummy Mitzvah Kitchen meals for Paul’s recovery/Sharry & Paul Schwarzbart
Prayerbook Fund
This fund helps to purchase prayerbooks and Chumashim (Torah commentaries).
Y        Estelle M. Kimball/Jon & Janie Kimball
Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s Discretionary Fund
Y        H. Harvey Simon/The Simon Family
Y        Rosalie London/Shelley London
Y        Augustus S. Dreier/Adrienne D. Schlossberg
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Seth Davis & Jill Friend Davis
Y        David Joseph Robbins/Ray Cubbage & Pam Robbins
Y        Raye Rich/Cynthia & Irv Shapiro
Rabbi Lara Regev’s Discretionary Fund
A        Rabbi Lara Regev/Seth Davis & Jill Friend Davis
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown’s Discretionary Fund
M       Edith Samuel/The Heitner Family
Y        Marilyn Rude/Dove Govrin & Julie Harris
A        Rabbi Elana officiating Lee Page’s memorial/Diana Page
M       Myra Kramer/Beth Kramer
Religious School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund
This fund helps to support synagogue youth activities and to provide supplemental funds for various day trips and overnight activities.
Y        Anita Stierer/Alan & Sandy Rosenberg
Y        Arthur A. Wolpe/Sheri & Jerry Langer
M       Allen Haim/Daly & David Schrek
Rosalind & David Bloom Shabbat Oneg Fund
This fund allows us to provide a joyous oneg as we prepare for Shabbat.
Y        Phyllis Zien/Barbara Musser
Y        Max Dalfen/Rosalind & David Bloom
Social Action Fund
Y        Diane Cohen/Ellen & Alan Berkowitz
Y        Ann Glabman/Fred & Joanne Greene
The Rabbi Michael Barenbaum Endowment Fund
Y        Regina Scherer/Max Scherer
Y        Marc Scherer/Max Scherer
Y        Helena Hecht/The Barenbaum Family
M       Ruth Tanner-Glasson/Herb & Joyce Lakritz
William Rubin Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund
This fund subsidizes the costs of the scholar’s honorarium and defrays expenses during the annual Scholar-in-Residence Program.
M       Edith Samuel/Mitzi Kemp