Bar/bat mitzvah

A Bar or bat mitzvah is more than an event; as we say in the Jewish tradition, you do not have a bar or bat mitzvah, you become one.

Orientation Booklet for B'nai Mitzvah class of 2019

B'nai Mitzvah Timeline

A bar or bat mitzvah is not a day, it is a person; it is your child who is becoming. The process towards b'nai mitzvah gives your child not only the chance to study Torah, to learn the prayers, and to interpret and teach the weekly Torah portion, but also to explore what it means to be an adult, to be a responsible, productive, and caring person. But bar and bat mitzvah is not only about the child, it is really about the entire family. Attending services, studying Torah, and learning the prayers creates an opportunity for your entire family to explore your own spiritual paths, to deepen your own relationship with the synagogue, and to grow closer to God and to Torah.

B'nai mitzvah is an ancient gift that the Jewish people have given to our children, and which you, as parents, are passing down to your children as well. In doing so you are saying that tradition matters, that holiness matters, and that the past will not be forgotten. But it is a gift that benefits us all as well. Each week when a young person holds the Torah for the first time and reads from its ancient words, our tradition is strengthened and our future made more secure.

If you are currently a member of Rodef Sholom, and have a child who is approaching b'nai mitzvah age, you will be sent a letter in March of your child's 11th year, regardless of what grade he or she is in, asking you to choose four potential b'nai mitzvah dates.  You will be notified of your child's bar or bat mitzvah date in May and there will be an orientation for parents that fall.  For an older child, or for any other question about the b'nai mitzvah process at Rodef Sholom, contact our B'nai Mitzvah Coordinator, Sofie Goldstein at 415.479.3441 or [email protected], and she can direct you to the right person to answer your questions. 

Adults interested in a bar or bat mitzvah should contact Cantor David Margules at 479.3441 or [email protected].