Adult Learning

Learning can happen anywhere:

On a hike in the hills,
within the synagogue walls,
or in the Holy Land itself.
And every day holds the potential for discovery.

OUR VISION for Jewish living & learning

Our Rodef Sholom community is immersed in lifelong, intergenerational learning. We explore texts and traditions, pushing for ways to see the relevance in our own modern lives. Our children and teens engage in stimulating, interactive learning; adult members tackle issues from many perspectives, stretching minds through the exchange of ideas and drawing on the profound richness of our heritage.

Just as it has throughout our history, Jewish learning today stands as the foundation of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Unless otherwise noted, RSVP to Molly by clicking here.  Upcoming Adult Learning programs are listed on the calendar on the right of this page, but if you would like to see all of them, go to the calendar and at the top, sort it by Adult Learning.  

​Chevrah Kadisha Monthly Meetings and Class Series – open to all​!​
Second Thursdays, 6:00-7:00 pm

Rodef Sholom’s Chevra Kadisha is a remarkably holy team of congregants who rise regularly to visit our sick, comfort our mourners and to prepare the deceased for burial. Members of the Chevra meet every month to study, to share stories and to think about how we can deepen this holy work at Rodef Sholom. The Chevra Kadisha is always looking to bring new members on board. Please contact Rabbi Stacy or her assistant Hagar at [email protected] if you have questions. 

Fall Classes with the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center
2 Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm, Library

The Chevra opens every year with a learning series taught by rabbis from the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center that are open to the whole congregation.

Exploring Judaism: Part One with Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown
Select Sunday mornings

This course will give participants a foundation in the basic tenets of Judaism. We will explore areas such as history, holidays, life-cycle events, theology, Torah, and prayer through foundational Jewish texts, beliefs, and customs. Whether you grew up Jewish and are looking to explore more deeply as an adult, are entirely new to Judaism, or are part of an interfaith family and want to study together, we welcome you to join us!

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Exploring Judaism...A Little Further! Part Two with Rabbis Elana Rosen-Brown, Michael Lezak, and Stacy Friedman
Select Sunday mornings

In this class we dive deeper into Judaism. We will have the opportunity for text study and discussion as we explore the worlds of Jewish philosophy, mysticism, ethics, Israel, and Contemporary Jewish life.. Participants will have the option to shape and participate in an Adult Confirmation Shabbat service at the conclusion of our studies together. This class is a continuation of Exploring Judaism Part One but you are welcome to attend even if you were unable to participate in Exploring Judaism One. 

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Adult B’nai Mitzvah
Select Thursday evenings

Have you never celebrated your own bar/bat mitzvah? Is it something you thought you would get to one day? Is your child beginning the process and you would like to make the experience richer and deeper for your entire family?

We will study texts, prayers and music culminating in a community Shabbat service where you will each be called to the Torah as a bar/bat mitzvah. The Torah portions will be based on your individual birth dates so we will chant from many parts of the bible and learn from a variety of biblical stories. If you are interested, contact Sofie at [email protected] or 415.479.3441.  The fee for the course is $500 and includes all study materials. If you need financial assistance, contact Michael Kamler at [email protected] or 415.479.3441.

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Monthly Lunchtime Talmud Class with Rabbi Stacy Friedman
Select Tuesdays, 12:00–1:00 pm, beginning November 1 
Inner Conference Room -- feel free to bring your lunch
Whether you are a seasoned student of Talmud or have never set your eyes on Hebrew or ancient Jewish texts, come explore the wisdom, nuances, and debates of the Talmud. Employing the traditional chevruta-style of partnered learning we will learn from each other and from the ancient text. 


Beginning Hebrew with Alona Rafael
Select Wednesday evenings

Want to be able to read the Hebrew of the prayers you know and love? Interested in developing a foundation for interpreting our sacred texts or in reading the street signs next time you travel to Israel? This class assumes a beginner level in reading, writing and comprehension. Alona will begin with the basics of the Hebrew alphabet and in the ten weeks work towards a reading-level of our prayerbook.

Along the way you will also learn to decipher some Hebrew roots, deepen your knowledge of our prayers, and develop a supportive community of Hebrew language learners. There is a fee of $80 for this class, plus a book fee, and requires six students to begin. Invite your friends!

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Torah with Soul
Most Saturdays (see below), 9:15 am, Inner Conf. Room
Whether you are a Torah veteran, or completely new to Torah, all are welcome.

Torah on the Trails
Third Saturdays, 8:30 am
On the 3rd Saturday of each month, Torah with Soul takes to the trails! Weather permitting, join us for some soul-lifting Torah and a short hike. 

 If you would like to be added to the Torah with Soul/Torah on the Trails e-mail list, contact Molly at [email protected] and let her know.