July 2017 Donations

Y = Yahrzeit of    M = In memory of     H = In honor of    A = In appreciation of
Building and Beautification Fund
This fund is used to improve and beautify our building and grounds.
Y        Myer Berkowitz/Alan & Ellen Berkowitz
Cantor David Margules’ Discretionary Fund
Y        Irving Schwartz/David & Susan Schwartz
Y        Itto Cohen/Andre & Solange Gabany
M       Sol Capper/Joyce & Gary Rifkind
A        Cantor David’s guidance in preparing Nate & Rachel Katz for becoming B’nai Mitzvah/Beth & Marty Katz
Y        Bela Igelman/Francoise Rothstein
Y        Sol Gold/Karyn O’Mohundro
Y        Leopold van Lier/Madelon van Lier
A        Cantor David Margules/Francie Capper
Y        David Bernstein/Jeffry Bernstein
Elsie Krinitsky Musical Artists-in-Residence Fund
This fund supports a Composer-In-Residence for a scholarly weekend.
A        Elsie Krinitsky’s kindness/Martha Scott Mouer
Y        Myron L. Hersko/Joan Hersko
General Endowment Fund
This fund helps to insure the future of the congregation.  A portion of the interest accrued each year will help the operating expenses of the congregation.
M       Lauren Battat Gerson/Carol Svetcov
M       Lauren Battat Gerson/Dick & Dottie Breiner
General Fund
This fund serves as a supplementary source of income that contributes to the operation of the synagogue.
M       Gerson Jacobs/Ruth Perlmutter
Y        Reva Kahn/Jane Kahn
Y        David Kahn/Jane Kahn
Y        Homer Carey/Jane Kahn
Y        Kathryn Carey/Jane Kahn
Y        Rose Garfield/Michael & Donna Franzblau
Y        Max Garfield/Michael & Donna Franzblau
Y        Beatrice Sicherman/Jack Sherman
Y        Milton Sicherman/Jack Sherman
A        Congregation Rodef Sholom/Steve Laskin-Reese
Y        Frank Ferm/The Ferm Family
Y        Esther Maslow/Jack Maslow
Y        Irving Levin/Fred Levin & Nancy Livingston
Y        Irma Levin/Fred Levin & Nancy Livingston
Y        Willard P. Livingston/Fred Levin & Nancy Livingston
Y        Sally Livingston/Fred Levin & Nancy Livingston
Y        Reggi Marder/Maxine Epstein
M       Sarah Chaffin/Annette & Herbert Heller
Y        Leon Sokoloff/Meg & Steve Edelson
Y        Charles Kopan/Alice & Shelly Miller
Y        Helen Mack/Sandra & Thomas Mack
Y        Joe Mack/Sandra & Thomas Mack
Y        Mary Pavlovsky/Joyce Pavlovsky
M       Sarah Chaffin/Michael & Donna Franzblau
M       Sarah Chaffin/Joseph & Eda Pell
M       Sarah Chaffin/Nancy Brennan & Family
M       Lauren Battat Gerson/Joyce Pavlovsky
Y        William Fischer/Susan Israel
M       Lauren Battat Gerson/Helene & Stephen Jaffe
Y        Ida Haar/Bob & Gail Haar
M       Sarah Chaffin/Michael & Donna Franzblau
Y        Solomon Katzen/Myra Levenson
Jack Levy Israel Scholarship Fund
This fund assists those in the confirmation class requiring financial aid for the yearly trip to Israel.
Y        Ruth Turner/Ingrid Rubin
Y        Ofelia Feldman/Anatoly Fortenko
Joan and Fred Falender Endowment Fund for the Homeless
This fund provides financial assistance to community members who are hungry and homeless.
H        Ashley & Joshua Morris becoming B’nai Mitzvah/Ron & Barbara Kaufman
Marty and Marlene Gershik Chesed Fund
Chesed means “kindness”.  This fund serves as a resource and as an aid to those in need.  It also gives opportunities for study and enrichment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
A        Shabbat dinner for Sarah Gershik’s Bat Mitzvah/Melinna Gershik & Adam Hanin
Mitzvah Kitchen Fund
Y        Giovanni Pellizzari/Joanna & Allan Berland
Y        Lillian Kamler/Bobbie & Don Kamler
Y        Kalman Silberszac/Dori Smalridge
M       Mimi Wolfe/Marilyn Jacobs
M       Sarah Chaffin/Marilyn Jacobs
Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Louis Stern/Farron Brotman
H        Steve Saxe’s birthday/Gerri Miller
Y        David Sobel/Joanne Sobel
Y        Doraine R. Dreier/Adrienne Scholossberg
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Richard & Carolyn Cogan
Y        Goldie Bass/Herb & Isabelle Bass
Y        Gertrude E. Wolfe/Joanne Sobel
M       Sarah Chaffin/Judith Einbinder
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s guidance in preparing Nate & Rachel Katz for becoming B’nai Mitzvah/Beth & Marty Katz
Y        Esther Isaacs/Stephen & Leslie Isaacs
M       Lauren Battat Gerson/Merv Shenson & Charlotte Levy
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown’s Discretionary Fund
A        Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown/Dodi & Jon Friedenberg
A        Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown/Karen Glikman
Religious School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund
This fund helps to support synagogue youth activities and to provide supplemental funds for various day trips and overnight activities.
Y        Mort Stierer/Alan & Sandy Rosenberg
Rosalind & David Bloom Shabbat Oneg Fund
This fund allows us to provide a joyous oneg as we prepare for Shabbat.
Y        Gene Babow/Larry & Barbara Babow
M       Sarah Chaffin/Rosalind & David Bloom
Y        William Bloom/Rosalind & David Bloom
Y        Harry H. Weiner/Larry & Barbara Babow
Y        Gerald D. Katz/Judy & Filmore Rodich
Y        Bela Igelman/Francoise Rothstein
The Rabbi Michael Barenbaum Endowment Fund
Y        Helene Lobree/Suzanne Broad