Generations: Ed Simon and Marilyn Schneider

For Ed Simon, there are few experiences more moving than High Holy Day services at Rodef Sholom.

He sits with his wife Marilyn Schneider, and his son Ron, whose beautiful voice enriches the moment. He especially loves hearing Cantor David sing the Kol Nidre. Says Ed, “I just have to be there!”

When asked about their earliest involvement in synagogues, Ed is quick to recall the small Orthodox synagogue, Chevra Thilim, that his family belonged to in San Francisco and where he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. He was born in the Richmond District in 1924. He remembers that his dad had only a 6th grade education but was so anxious to learn that he went to the library and read by candelight! Ed’s grandfather came here in the late 1800s from France.

Marilyn was born in Los Angeles in 1930 and her family eventually joined Temple Soleil in the San Fernando Valley. She moved to the Bay Area in 1968 and became very involved in a local JCC. She and Ed both raised families here in the Bay Area. Twenty-two years ago, they met on a JCC group trip to Washington DC and have been together ever since.

Ed worked in several businesses during his career, working first as a butcher, then in the shipyards during World War II, and ultimately in the insurance business. Marilyn worked in positions in the government. After living in a large house in Peacock Gap, they are now getting used to downsizing in a condo in Novato. Ed particularly likes to keep up with
what’s happening and actually reads three newspapers a day!

Just two years ago, Ed and Marilyn joined Rodef Sholom at the suggestion of Ed’s son, Ron. He was a member and had been married to his wife Sarah in a beautiful ceremony led by Cantor David at the temple. In addition to the holidays, Ed and Marilyn also enjoy the Z’man L’vatikim senior lunches once a month. Today, they are grateful for the community that Rodef Sholom provides.