December 2017 Donations

Y = Yahrzeit of    M = In memory of    H = In honor of    A = In appreciation of
Cantor David Margules’ Discretionary Fund
Y        Maryem Polkowski/Hilda Namm
Y        Solomon Heitner/The Heitner Family
Y        Sarah Flaumenhart/Abe Froman
Y        Leonard Goler/Debbi Handler
A        Cantor David Margules/Steve & Cheryl Jagoda
A        Cantor David Margules/Jeffry Bernstein
Y        Madeline Siebert/Ann & Fred Schalit
A        Cantor David Margules/Joanne Sobel
A        Cantor David Margules/Pete & Louise Petri
M       Harry Hanen/Heidi & Robert Feldman
A        Cantor David Margules/Mike Stone
Elsie Krinitsky Musical Artists-in-Residence Fund
This fund supports a Composer-In-Residence for a scholarly weekend.
Y        Marty Avner/Shirlee Avner
M       Sylvia Macks/Elsie & David Krinitsky
Y        Rene Herzstein/Ann & Fred Schalit
M       Sylvia Macks/Ann & Fred Schalit
M       Sylvia Macks/Sue & Dave Broad
Y        Sol Hersko/Joan Hersko
General Endowment Fund
This fund helps to insure the future of the congregation.  A portion of the interest accrued each year will help the operating expenses of the congregation.
Y        Benjamin Altwarg/Sharon Gordon
M       Shirley Blye/Richard & Dorothy Breiner
General Fund
This fund serves as a supplementary source of income that contributes to the operation of the synagogue.
Y        Simon Charlip/Muriel Fox
Y        Rona Jarecky/Amy & Marc Lester
Y        Helen Ruth Kolatch/Jack & Judy Sherman
M       Shirley Blye/Cliff Booth
Y        Harold Strull/William Strull
Y        Esther Shub/Neal & Linda Birnbaum
Y        Leo Steiner/Karen Steiner
Y        Gussie Israel/Bernard Israel
Y        Elaine Ginsburg/Cynthia & Irv Shapiro
Y        Sol Steiner/Suzanne Froman
Y        Israel “Sam” Shainsky/Pam Robbins & Ray Cubbage
Y        Selma Shenson/Hal Shenson
Y        Pierce Annes/Jackie Annes
Y        Harriet Bookbinder/Jackie Annes
Y        Marion Whitman/Stephanie Pool & Walter Whitman
Y        Wayne Victor Rubin/Ingrid Rubin
Y        Allen Gersh/Howard Gersh
Y        Kurt Hahn/Eleanor Hahn
M       Shirley Blye/Scott & Beth Minick
Y        Herschel Tolson/Ingrid & Andrew Tolson
Y        Leo LaBran/Ingrid & Andrew Tolson
Y        Blanche Gaines/Ron Gaines & Ellen White
Gift of Israel Endowment Fund
Y        Mitcheal Lansing/Ira & Luanne Lansing
Jack Levy Israel Scholarship Fund
This fund assists those in the confirmation class requiring financial aid for the yearly trip to Israel.
Y        Wayne Rubin/Mark & Theresa Brady
Library Fund
This fund helps to purchase new books and restore old books for the Library.
Y        Miriam Schwarz/Ellen & Alan Berkowitz
Marty and Marlene Gershik Chesed Fund
Chesed means “kindness”.  This fund serves as a resource and as an aid to those in need.  It also gives opportunities for study and enrichment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.
Y        Pauline Caro/Irving Schwartz
Mel Cohen and Sharon Ruth Cohen Campership Fund
This fund allows children in the congregation who need financial assistance to attend Jewish camps and helps send confirmands to Israel.
Y        Maria Copeland/Joanna & Allan Berland
Mitzvah Kitchen Fund
Y        Marion Debs Cane/Don & Bobbie Kamler
Prayerbook Fund
This fund helps to purchase prayerbooks and Chumashim (Torah commentaries).
Y        Kayla Friedman/Jan Bolgla
Y        Dave Glabman/Joanne & Fred Greene
Rabbi Stacy Friedman’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Willie Cherin/Donald Cherin
Y        Selma Shenson/Merv Shenson
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Ruth Rosenthal
A        Congregation Rodef Sholom/Aaron & Leah Lamstein
Y        Joan Champagna/Alan Markle
M       Shirley Blye/Shelley London
Y        Irving Ginsburg/Cynthia & Irv Shapiro
Y        Harry Dvorin/Stuart & Emily Dvorin
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Rhona & Harvey Weinstein
Y        Ellen Klebanoff/David & Evelyn Israel
Y        Herman Klebanoff/David & Evelyn Israel
Y        Charles Israel/David & Evelyn Israel
Y        Jacob Gold/David & Evelyn Israel
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Anita Berman
Y        Pinhas Cohen/Andre Gabany
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Neil Rudolph & Susan Cluff
H        Jackie & Jerry Moskowitz’s anniversary/Natalie & Peter Lenn
Y        Sara Brownstein/Martin & Geri Brownstein
Y        Desider Racz/Andre & Solange Gabany
Y        Florence Moskowitz/Gerald & Dara Moskowitz
Y        Betty Robbins/Ray Cubbage & Pam Robbins
A        Rabbi Stacy Friedman/Mike Stone
Rabbi Lara Regev’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Eleanor De May/Mary De May
Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown’s Discretionary Fund
Y        Harold Strull/William Strull
Y        Pauline De May/Mary De May
Religious School Scholarship and Enrichment Fund
This fund helps to support synagogue youth activities and to provide supplemental funds for various day trips and overnight activities.
Y        Sarah Koffer/Vivian & David Weinberg
A        Congregation Rodef Sholom/Mike Stone
Rosalind & David Bloom Shabbat Oneg Fund
This fund allows us to provide a joyous oneg as we prepare for Shabbat.
Y        William Rothstein/Francoise Rothstein
Y        Sophie Rodich/Judy & Fil Rodich
Sanford Goodman Youth Fund
This fund helps to support day trips and other activities for children at Rodef Sholom.
Y        Ceal I. Shapiro/Max Shapiro
The Rabbi Michael Barenbaum Endowment Fund
M       Shirley Blye/Sue & Dave Broad
Y        Frances Miriam Goldman/Marlene & Max Scherer
H        Jackson William Schwartz/David & Susan Schwartz