Kol Yisrael arevim ba’zeh/All Jews are responsible for one another.
We stand as one with Israel.

From our V'ahavta statement:

Israel — Our promised land
A spiritual homeland. An extraordinary achievement. A model of vitality, progress and hope. At Rodef Sholom, we celebrate Israel's sacred history and its unparalleled contribution to the modern world.

As we support Jewish communities the world over, we take particular pride in our engagement with Israel. While we acknowledge the mighty challenges that Israel continues to face, we are inspired by a vision of peace, equal rights and security in this thriving nation that embodies our people's history.

Toward that vision, we encourage a respectful dialogue as we ourselves make sense of the realities of Israeli life today. We believe that through support and thoughtful conversation, rooted in Jewish values, we can help Israel work toward its potential as a light unto the nations.

Trips to Israel

Congregation Rodef Sholom takes a trip to Israel each year.  Some years it's a family-oriented trip, other times we take adults. Different clergy and educators go each time.  Click here for 2017 trip dates!

See the calendar on the right side of this page for additional Israel-related programming.

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