Chanukah Shabbat


Junior Jews Chanukah Pajama Party 
4:45 pm, Sanctuary

Bring your little ones (toddlers through kindergarteners) in their PJs, a chanukiyah and candles, and a blanket to sit on. We will sing songs, learn the story of Chanukah, have a snack in the social hall and light our candles together.  RSVP here.

Johnny Doughnuts is Back!
5:45 pm, in front of the synagogue

Johnny Doughnuts will be serving our version of sufganiyot and coffee before services. There is no better way to ruin your dinner than a few doughnut holes on a Friday evening - c'mon, it's Chanukah!

Shabbat services
6:15 pm, Sanctuary

Every year on the Shabbat during Chanukah, we invite people to bring their menorahs from home to light in our sanctuary. While you're at it, bring a new toy for the San Rafael Santa Cops to distribute to kids in need. Come fill our sanctuary with light and joy and music!

Shulchan Shabbat and Shabbat Unplugged
7:30 pm, JCC Hoytt Theatre | 8:30 pm, JCC Atrium

Because Chanukah falls on the first Friday of the month this year, the celebration doesn't end with the conclusion of services! Join us for a congregational dinner in the Hoytt Theatre (menu includes chicken, latkes, salad, veggies, and plain pasta for the kiddies), followed by a Chanukah-themed Shabbat Unplugged. RSVP here for Shulchan Shabbat and/or Shabbat Unplugged.