Chanukah 2016

This year, we light the first Chanukah candle on Saturday night, December 24, and the last candles on Saturday night, December 31.

Candles are added to the chanukiah from right to left but are lit from left to right (light = left is a handy mnemonic!). The newest candle is lit first. On the Shabbat of Chanukah, light the Chanukah candles first and then the Shabbat candles. 

chanukah at rodef sholom - friday, december 30

Junior Jews Chanukah Pajama Party 
4:30 - 5:30 pm, Sanctuary
Bring your little ones (toddlers through kindergarteners) in their PJs, a chanukiyah and candles, and a blanket to sit on. We will sing songs, learn the story of Chanukah, have a snack in the social hall and light our candles together. Click here to RSVP.
Johnny Doughnuts is Back!
5:45 - 6:15 pm, in front of the synagogue
Johnny Doughnuts will be serving our version of sufganiyot and coffee before services. There is no better way to ruin your dinner than a few doughnut holes on a Friday evening - c'mon, it's Chanukah!
Shabbat services
6:15 pm
Every year on the Shabbat during Chanukah, we invite people to bring their menorahs from home to light in our sanctuary. While you're at it, bring a clean warm jacket or raincoat for us to distribute to our REST (winter shelter) guests, and/or a new toy for the San Rafael Santa Cops to distribute to kids in need. Come fill our sanctuary with light and joy and music!