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Susan Goldwasser - Women of Rodef Sholom President

Susan Barnes, Past President


Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes has been a member of Rodef Sholom since 2002. She can often be seen at the front door of the synagogue greeting people before services and other events. She is a founding member of our Chevra Kadisha and is a member of Kavod v’Nichum, as well as a volunteer for the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center. Susan leads shiva minyanim and has presented at Limmud Bay Area about Jewish practices regarding death and dying. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a Master's Degree in Organizational Development from Sonoma State University.


Hali Croner

Hali is CEO of The Croner Company, specializing in compensation consulting for almost 30 years. She has been active in many volunteer aspects of Rodef Sholom including serving as a member of the Rodef Sholom Religious School Board and the Rodef Sholom Strategic Visioning Committee.  In 2012, Hali was in the Adult B'nai Mitzvah group, taught by Cantor David. She regularly attends Friday night services and keeps up with all sorts of other activities at Rodef Sholom either through her kids’ school or teen programs, retreats at Camp Newman and with the Sisterhood, trips to Israel, adult education programs, or hanging out with the incredible friends she has made in the community.

She feels deeply connected to the members of the Rodef Sholom congregation and is grateful for the many ways that Rodef Sholom enhances her own Jewish experience, and that of her children. She also is deeply appreciative of the unwavering support and social involvement of her husband Eugene Palmer who is not affiliated.  Hali is particularly excited to use her organizational leadership and strategic planning skills to help Rodef Sholom implement its vision and to ensure that Rodef Sholom can continue to serve as a vibrant center of Jewish community, religion, values, education and action long into the future.


Julia Dvorin

Julia Dvorin is a writer and artist who lives in Lucas Valley with her husband Joshua Archer and their two boys, Eli and Isaac. She holds an MA in Sociology from UCSB and has also worked in Education, Consumer Products Licensing and Web Design. Julia was born in Washington DC but moved with her family out to the Bay Area when she was two. Shortly after moving to Marin, her family joined Rodef Sholom. As a kid, she attended Rodef’s Religious School and was confirmed, and a decade later she and her husband Joshua were married by Rabbi Barenbaum. About a decade after that, she and Joshua decided to re-join Rodef Sholom when they were looking for a synagogue affiliation to support raising their young family in a Jewish mindset. In the close to a decade since re-joining Rodef Sholom, she and Joshua also helped make the current Rodef Sholom website, and she has been a project coordinator for Mitzvah Day, a pioneer member (along with her family) of Kol Hamishpacha, a member of the Welcoming Committee, a member of the Chevra Kadisha, and a planner for/performer in the Purim Shpiel. Julia was also part of the adult B’nai Mitzvah class in 2013, and she continues to look for ways to deepen her Jewish practice and connection to the Rodef Sholom community.

Julia is deeply honored to have been nominated for the Rodef Sholom Board and is eager to serve such a special community. She hopes that her enthusiastic and creative personality and her well-honed communication, relationship-building, presentation and problem-solving skills will enable her to contribute in a meaningful and helpful way to the sacred community of Rodef Sholom and help others connect to each other and to their own Jewish values and practice. 


Debi Geller

Debi has been a recruiting and staffing professional for the past 11 years and is involved in HR and Organizational Development. Debi grew up at Rodef Sholom and it has always been a central part of her life.  Her daughters have also had the opportunity to gain part of their Jewish education at Rodef Sholom and she appreciates the way that she has been able to create a Jewish village through this community. Although Debi is involved in many organizations, synagogue involvement has been central throughout all stages of her life starting as a child, a young married couple, a family raising children, a newly-single mother, and now an empty-nester.  For Debi, there is no substitute for the connection that she feels to this community. 

Debi's involvement at Rodef Sholom is extensive. She is currently on the Engagement Committee, Board Nominating Committee and was the co-founder of the Rodef Referrals group, where she continues to work hard helping many of our community members find work and/or promote their business through her professional connections. She has also been involved in the JCC, Chabad of Mill Valley and Chabad of Novato, JCF IGG committee, BHDS, and Jewish Community High School of the Bay.  In addition to her volunteer work in the Jewish community, Debi currently serves on the San Rafael Chamber Board of Directors and on the Marin Economic Forum Board of Directors.

Debi enjoys fundraising and looks forward to sharing her experience. She is also happy to do outreach for our community and to represent the Board at events and services. She can also consult regarding hiring and staffing decisions. Debi can also serve as a liaison to the local business community given the breadth of her connections and her skill set as a networker extraordinaire!


Lani Gershik

Lani has been closely involved with Rodef Sholom for over 20 years.  She cites the example set by her parents-in-law, Marty and Marlene Gershik, z”l, as the guiding model for her desire to be part of something larger than oneself and to contribute to the life of our community.  She has taken responsibility for reaching out to new synagogue members who live in Novato to ensure that they have a point of contact.  Lani and her husband David also host an annual Chanukah party for Novato congregants.

Lani’s activities include cooking and delivering meals to the Carmel Voyager Center and supporting Camp Tawonga.  She volunteers at the Sinaloa Middle School in Novato and at the Marin School in San Rafael.

In additional to a thoughtful and well-organized approach to the work of the Board, Lani brings dedication and commitment to being part of the Rodef Sholom community.  She points especially to the pride she feels in watching her children grow up at the synagogue and become b’nai mitzvah.


Susan Goldwasser

Susan is excited to be the incoming president of the Women of Rodef Sholom.  She served on the Sisterhood board for two years and was co-chair of fund raising last year.  Susan served on the Rodef Sholom school board for four years.

She is grateful for the Jewish education her three children have received at Rodef Sholom.  She appreciates the beautiful music at services and our inspiring clergy.  Being part of a Jewish community, having a strong Jewish identity and enjoying holidays and Shabbat together is extremely important for her and her family.

Susan is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and is in practice in Mill Valley with her husband Richard. She is honored to have the opportunity to serve on the congregational board.


Laurie Kimball

When Laurie first joined Rodef Sholom, she was active in the Women of Rodef Sholom. When her older son turned two, she took him to Yad b'Yad at the JCC, and after that enrolled him in the ECE program at the JCC. Her younger son also participated in Yad b’Yad when he was very young and also graduated from the ECE program.  Laurie was very involved in the Visioning Process at Rodef Sholom and served as the lead of the Engagement Team.  She continues to be involved at Rodef Sholom, for her children and for herself, to make them aware of the world around them and to show them the importance of giving back.

Laurie was born in New York, raised in Arizona and now lives in Larkspur with her husband, Louis, and her two sons, Sammy and Jordan.  Laurie spent 16 years as the Event Planner and Convention Director for The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona .  She spends much of her time volunteering at her children’s school and is currently the PTO President at Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera.  Laurie is also a Substitute Teacher at the JCC Preschools in both Tiburon and San Rafael.

She and her family have been members of Rodef Sholom for over ten years and she is very honored to be on the Board.


Martin Konopken

Martin has over 25 years of experience as a corporate counsel, most recently as a Senior Corporate Counsel at Autodesk.  He served for six years on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid of Marin. He is a former board member of the Business Software Alliance with four years as chairman of the Operations Committee, with responsibility for the oversight of the BSA budget.  Aside from serving on the Legal Aid Board, he has also done many hours of pro bono legal work. 

Martin has been on the Rodef Sholom Board since 2012.  In the past his husband Rich and he assisted Rabbi Lezak in mentoring prospective Jews by Choice through the conversion process.  They are frequent participants in Shabbat services.  He studies trope with Cantor David and chants at services from time to time.

Martin has extensive experience in the business world including a significant amount of relevant board experience, such as dealing with tight budgets. He is a committed member of Rodef Sholom, who is greatly interested in issues facing synagogues and who has read and thought a lot about them. His service on the board, he feels, may perhaps, also, in a small way, bring an added element of diversity to the board. 


Brad Lakritz

Brad lives in San Rafael with his wife Dena and their three children Emily, Noah, and Mia. His family grew up at Rodef Sholom and they are very involved in synagogue life.

As a Jewish educator, Brad has worked and volunteered in some capacity in the local Jewish community for most of the past 28 years, including 11 years as a full-time Jewish educator at the Bureau of Jewish Education in San Francisco. Brad was also the faculty advisor to the Jewish Student Union (“Jew Crew”) at Marin Academy for 13 years.

Brad’s connection to Rodef Sholom includes serving as an educational consultant through the BJE (now Jewish Learning Works), teaching in Midrasha, serving as a member of the school board, and is a long time member of the congregation.


Rebecca Lien

Rebecca has an extensive background in finance, with an M.B.A from Harvard Business School and a bachelors degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  She has worked as an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, as a Managing Director at Robertson Stephens, and at a private research firm in the Czech Republic advising on the privatization of state-owned businesses.

Rebecca believes that the pillars of synagogue life, i.e., prayer, education and social justice, support the values of her family and help her to communicate these values to her children.  She feels that the religious school has been instrumental in teaching her children about the fundamentals of Judaism. “Prayer has lifted me and comforted me throughout my life. The clergy, staff and congregants at Rodef Sholom have expanded our sense of community and made us feel at home in Marin County.”

Rebecca believes that her background in finance and accounting enables her to approach problems with an analytical perspective.  Her experience on non-profit boards gives her an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of a volunteer board. 


Rob Leonard

Rob is an experienced financial analyst and investor. He has studied and invested in a broad range of industries and has spent a great deal of time conducting due diligence on corporate governance and managerial decision making. He has served on Rodef Sholom's Finance Committee since 2008.Rob has an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA from the University of Virginia.

Rob has deep ties to Rodef Sholom and considers it a second home to his family. He cares deeply about the future of our community and hopes to honor and preserve our Jewish traditions and our congregation's heritage.

Rob has been an active member of Rodef Sholom since moving to the Bay Area in 2001.  He has two children in religious school who are both enthusiastic participants in the community.  He enjoys volunteering his time through the synagogue and has been honored to serve on the Finance Committee. Rob and his family plan on going on the Israel trip this summer and he is looking forward to experiencing Israel with his community. Rob also is a volunteer coach for multiple youth sports and a committed fan of his children's teams and activities.

Rob hopes to leverage his financial background and historical perspective on the temple's finances to bring an analytical approach to problem solving and to bolster the board's long-term financial planning.


Anna Lushtak

Anna has been serving on the Congregation Rodef Sholom religious school board for the past two years and is currently one of the board’s two co-presidents.  She has also served on the boards of the Ross Recreation Auxiliary (including a term as president), the Ross Parks and Recreation District and the Ross School PTA.  Anna is currently chairing the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee at the Branson School and will co-chair the next Branson School Auction.

Anna is deeply committed to Jewish education for adults and families.  She believes that Jewish education is a way of deepening one’s sense of belonging and connection to the rich heritage of Judaism, and of linking one’s life to the Jewish community of today.  Anna grew up in an assimilated Jewish family in the Soviet Union, lacking any sense of Jewish knowledge or community.  After coming to America, she relates that she found in Judaism and Jewish life her identity and her source of strength and hope.  She strongly believes that Jewish living requires Jewish knowledge and active participation in the community.  She believes that she has found in our congregation “community, knowledge, connection and the opportunity to be involved and give back.”

Additionally, Anna is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, a grader for the Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards, and is a member of the JFCS Émigré Committee.


Jon Marker    

Jon currently serves as CEO of Youth Leadership Institute, a nonprofit working to engage 1,200 youth across California in leading community change efforts.  Formerly he was a program officer at the Jim Joseph Foundation, which invests $45 million annually in Jewish Education across the United States.

Jon's interest in synagogue life is rooted in his upbringing. His parents raised him with a keen eye towards how to engage in the community in which you choose to live. Since moving to Marin four years ago with his family, Rodef Sholom has been an important part of the village that is helping to raise his growing family and he is eager to live his values through investing in and contributing to this wonderful synagogue community.

Rodef Sholom has felt like home since the first time he and his family came to services in 2012.  Seeing the youth leading alongside the adults was a beautiful display of authentic partnerships and the type of community that he hopes to contribute to in raising his family.  Following those services, he started to realize that Rodef Sholom was literally all around him.  From sitting behind Judi Sheppard at a Bruce Springsteen concert to finding numerous neighbors who are congregants, his sense of community immediately began to swell.  Since 2012, his family has jumped in deep with Rabbi Lezak's social justice work through the partnership at Venetia Valley and looking at Prison Reform as ways of putting our Judaism into practice.  He has also participated in Rabbi Elana's Makor Marin programming and in Rabbi Stacy and Rabbi Lezak's course focused on congregational leadership. His son Cole will start at the JCC ECE program this June.

Jon looks forward to sharing his passion for equity and social justice as a lens that ties into the remarkable ways Rodef Sholom already engages the world beyond our congregation.  He believes that he can bring his expertise working with youth to partner with our robust youth programming and leadership.  In addition, when he worked at the Jim Joseph Foundation he spent a significant amount of time analyzing best practices for innovative Jewish education focused on 13-30 year olds. Lastly, as a member with a young family he looks forward to bringing the perspective of that demographic to the board table.


Rachel Mercer

Rachel has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and problem solving.  She is currently a Senior Vice President at  She believes that her experience in the retail, catalog and insurance industries, together with her analytical and technical skills, demonstrate her capacity to link strategy and translate data into actionable insights.

Rachel feels that synagogue life is an extension of her family's daily lives.  For her it provides an emotional and physical sanctuary, and she is deeply connected to CRS.  She has been serving as Rodef Sholom's meals coordinator for Homeward Bound - Voyager Carmel Center (for the Mentally Ill) since 2010, and has worked with CRS’s Chevra Kadisha since in its inception. She considers it a privilege to participate in tahara and as a shomer for members of our community when their families have requested it. 

Among the attributes that Rachel believes she will bring to the Board are the ability to see patterns and connections in information that others miss, the capacity to keep focused on the end goal and an occasionally irreverent sense of humor.


Lisa Newmark

For the past 15 years Lisa has been the Employment Program Coordinator for Integrated Community Services, a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with disabilities. 

Lisa has a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from San Francisco State and a BA in Jewish Studies from UCLA. 

Her involvement with Rodef Sholom led Lisa to regard our synagogue as one that could provide her with the kind of Jewish community that was missing from her life.  She states that as she started to experience Rodef Sholom for herself, from the welcoming and warm Shabbat services to the meals delivered to her door following her daughter’s surgery, she knew that she had come to the right place.  She feels that in the eight years that she has been a member, her life has changed immeasurably.  “Synagogue life has provided me with a myriad of blessings, most of which are contained in the beautiful friends I have made; the discovery that I do have a spiritual bone in my body and the re-connection with my Jewish self that I had neglected for far too long.”

At Rodef Sholom Lisa has been a participant in the Kulanu Committee, whose purpose was to make the synagogue an more inclusive congregation for people with disabilities.  She additionally is a member of the Chevra Kadisha and serves on the High Holy Day Sanctuary Services Committee.   


Lisa Pavlovksy

Lisa has been active in the area of education and personal development for over 25 years.  She has worked as a teacher, director of admissions, program manager, life coach and community facilitator.  As a founder and director of Beyond Borders at Marin Country Day School, Lisa created, managed and executed all aspects of running a cross-cultural program for a diverse group of 4th-6th graders.  Lisa is a board member of Can Do!, the Dixie School District fundraising organization.   She holds an M.A. in Education from Stanford and is currently the manager of scholarship programs at the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.

Lisa’s contribution to the life of Rodef Sholom has been extensive and well-recognized.  Besides teaching a Midrasha girls’ group and working on new member integration and senior transportation programs, she filled in as Director of Community Connections during Moji Javid’s maternity leave.  Having grown up at Rodef Sholom, Lisa states that “I have experienced the power of this synagogue time and time again throughout my many years of involvement.”  She expresses the desire to help others access all that she had gained from our synagogue.  She hopes her Board membership will enable her to be involved in helping others “to see the reality of all that Rodef Sholom can be for them and their families.”


David Rudnick

David has served on the board of directors of the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center and is currently serving on the governing board of Marin Cancer Care.  He is also a member of the High Holy Day Sanctuary Service committee at Rodef Sholom.  David is a physician whose practice serves patients in Marin and Sonoma counties.

David says that since his childhood, synagogue life has been at the center of his involvement in the Jewish community.  He is keenly interested in the religious aspect of Judaism and how it speaks to us in modern times.  Additionally, he states that he and his family are dedicated supporters of the Jewish Federation, the Osher Marin JCC Center for Jewish Peoplehood and JCFS.  He and his family are deeply interested in Israeli affairs and are frequent travelers to Israel.

David believes that his strong interest in strategic planning, his excellent organizing skills, his ability to distil complex problems into key issues, and his general business experience will enable him to make a meaningful contribution to the Board and to the life of Rodef Sholom.


Ethan Schulman

Ethan Schulman and his wife Tammy Edmonson have been members of Rodef Sholom since 2000, when their daughter Markita entered kindergarten at the religious school. Markita celebrated her bat mitzvah in September 2010. Ethan was brought up in White Plains, New York, where he and his family were members of Bet Am Shalom, a Reconstructionist synagogue where Rabbi Lezak started his career. His mother is a Hebrew teacher who late in life became a Bible scholar and earned an advanced degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Ethan is a judge on the San Francisco Superior Court, to which he was appointed in December 2013.  He currently sits at the Hall of Justice, where he presides over criminal trials. He is a past Board member and member of the Legal Committee of the ACLU of Northern California. Ethan and his family live in Mill Valley.