B'nai Mitzvah Timeline

B'nai Mitzvah -- Deepening the Path

A timeline of experience leading up to the b'nai mitzvah

The following experiences will help deepen your connection with your family, your clergy, your community, and the process of becoming b'nai mitzvah. We look forward to praying with you, to learning with you, and to building our community with you.
  • B'nai Mitzvah Retreat -- for parents and B'nai Mitzvah student
  • Family Meeting with the rabbi -- 9 months before B'nai Mitzvah
  • Family Meeting with the cantor -- 7 months prior
  • Weekly half-hour lessons with tutor -- 12 weeks (6 months prior)
  • Weekly half-hour lessons with partner and cantor -- 12 weeks (3 months prior)
  • Family Meeting with the rabbi who will be with you on the morning of the B'nai Mitzvah - 2 months prior
  • Drash Meetings with the rabbi -- last 2 months prior (2-3 appointments)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Rehearsal -- Tuesday before B'nai Mitzvah
  • Praying with your community -- recommend at least one Friday per month and one Saturday per month
  • Mitzvah Project -- minimum of 12 hours before B'nai Mitzvah