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Sacred community is an organization of relationships and acts by which we emulate God.  Synagogue is that set of relationships and acts, not a building.

At the very highest level, human beings innately seek the sacred and each other.  Just by virtue of our humanity, we ultimately are drawn to curiosity about God, connection with the sacred, a sense of life's purpose, and a place to build a life narrative alongside others who are doing the same thing.

-- Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman
Rethinking Synagogues - A new vocabulary for congregational life

These words have profound meaning for us at Rodef Sholom, where we know that the quality and depth of our relationships is vital to the strength of our synagogue.  For us, synagogue membership does not follow a "fee for service" model.  Instead, we are striving to be a sacred community, a kehillah kedosha, with the goal of awakening members on their Jewish journey to the many aspects of being Jewish, where the communal observances of lifecycles, both joyous and painful, help to build our life narratives together, and the practice of tikkun olam, repairing the world, helps us each complete our moral sense of self.

All are welcome here.  Our community includes Jews by choice, parents raising Jewish children, interfaith families and partners, as well as Jews of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

If you would like to join our congregation, or have a question about our annual financial commitment policy, contact our executive director, Michael Kamler, at 415.479.3441 or [email protected].

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