Rodef Sholom: A Reform Jewish Congregation in Marin County, California

Open up for me the gates of righteousness so that I may enter
and offer up my thanks to You.
-– Psalm 118:19
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A season is set for everything, a time for every experience under heaven.
A time for dancing and a time for wailing;
A time for birthing and a time for dying;
A time for speaking and a time for silence;
A time for seeking and a time for losing . . . .
-- Ecclesiastes 3:1-4


Whenever we finish reading the words of the Mourner's Kaddish, we say the words "Zecher tzadik livracha /the memory of the righteous is a blessing." The path of mourning our dead is a purposeful one. By walking a path of mourning, we hope to get ourselves back to living more fully.  A crucial part of the Jewish path of mourning is saying the Mourner's Kaddish.  We offer four opportunities to say Kaddish at Rodef Sholom weekly: on Friday evenings at 6:15 pm at Shabbat services (as well as 8 pm on the third Friday of the month); on Saturdays at 10:30 am at Shabbat morning services; and on Sunday morning at 9:15 am at the Religious School's tefillah (prayer service).

Additionally, there are four Yizkor (Remembrance) Services throughout the year specifically designated for mourners (new and not-so-new) to gather together, to think about their loved ones and to say Kaddish together.  These occur on the last day of the festivals of Sukkot (we also call this day Shemini Atzeret), Pesach (Passover) and Shavuot, as well as on Yom Kippur.  For more information about Sukkot, Pesach or Shavuot services, click here.

The Mourner's Kaddish

If you would like to download a copy with the words in Hebrew and English, click here.

Yitgadal v'yitkadash sh'mei raba.
B'alma di v'ra chirutei,
v'yamlich malchutei,
b'chayeichon uv'yomeichon
uv'chayei d'chol beit Yisrael,
baagala uviz'man kariv. V'im'ru: Amen.

Y'hei sh'mei raba m'varach
l'alam ul'almei almaya.

Yitbarach v'yishtabach v'yitpaar
v'yitromam v'yitnasei,
v'yit'hadar v'yitaleh v'yit'halal
sh'mei d'Kud'sha B'rich Hu,
l'eila min kol birchata v'shirata,
tushb'chata v'nechemata,
daamiran b'alma. V'imru: Amen.
Y'hei sh'lama raba min sh'maya,
v'chayim aleinu v'al kol Yisrael.
V'imru: Amen.

Oseh shalom bimromav,
Hu yaaseh shalom aleinu,
v'al kol Yisrael. V'imru: Amen.

EXALTED and hallowed be God's great name
in the world which God created, according to plan.
May God's majesty be revealed in the days of our lifetime
and the life of all Israel - speedily, imminently, to which we say Amen.

Blessed be God's great name to all eternity.

Blessed, praised, honored, exalted, extolled, glorified, adored, and lauded
be the name of the Holy Blessed One, beyond all earthly words and songs of blessing, praise, and comfort. To which we say Amen.

May there be abundant peace from heaven, and life, for us and all Israel.
to which we say Amen.

May the One who creates harmony on high, bring peace to us and to all Israel.
To which we say Amen.


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