Rodef Sholom: A Reform Jewish Congregation in Marin County, California

Dan Nichols Quote

When I reach out to you and you to me, we become b'tzelem Elohim
(made in the image of God).

-- Dan Nichols, Jewish rock star, Rodef Sholom's Artist-in-Residence






Tikkun Olam

welcome to congregation rodef sholom

2015 – 5776 High Holy Day Food Drive
Too many people are still going hungry in Marin. You can help by bringing a contribution of non-perishable food for the Marin Food Bank and JFCS Food Pantry for the barrels located in front of the Civic Center auditorium and the synagogue. Last year we contributed over a ton of food – the Food Bank and the JCFS Food Pantry are counting on us. Dig deeply. Give generously.

When a person eats and drinks at a festival, s/he is obligated to provide food for the stranger, the orphan, the widow, the poor and the despondent.
— Maimonides Mishnah Torah 6:18


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Our Shema Statement: 
Igniting the passion to connect – with Jewish values, with each other, and with our world.

Our V'ahavta Statement:
Congregation Rodef Sholom is a kehilla kedosha, a sacred community that welcomes Jews and their families with open arms and open minds. We're linked to our past and actively building our future. We're multi-generational and multi-cultural. Whether you are married, single, with or without kids, in an interfaith family, disabled in any way, or a member of the LGBQTI community, we would love to have you join us for prayer, study, and social action. Rodef Sholom is a community that will stand by you through all your life cycle events, from birth and b'nai mitzvah, through illness and death.

Our aim is to help build Jewish lives that are authentic – to touch us where we are today, and still provide room to grow. In doing so, we envision individuals that are enriched and a community that is transformed.
  • Worship
    Soul lifting and life changing -- the potential of prayer
    Worship can awaken, animate, challenge and surprise. It can shine a light in dark times and nurture gratitude for the gifts we've been given.
  • Social Justice
    Repairing the world

    As Rabbi Hillel said in the Talmud, "Love your neighbor, and love yourself. This is the whole Torah. All the rest is commentary."
  • Community
    Your home away from home
    Rodef Sholom is your spiritual home, a place to be comfortable, and a place to engage.
  • Lifelong Learning
    Where does learning happen?

    Learning can happen almost anywhere: On a hike in the hills, within the synagogue walls, or in the Holy Land itself. And every day holds the potential for discovery.
  • Israel
    Our promised land
    A spiritual homeland. An extraordinary achievement. A model of vitality, progress and hope. At Rodef Sholom, we celebrate Israel's sacred history and its unparalleled contribution to the modern world.

For the full version of our V'ahvata statement, click here

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Many of the beautiful photos you see on our website were taken by our congregant, Norm Levin. You can see more of his work by clicking on this link.



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accessiblecongragationslogoThrough the efforts of our Kulanu/ Inclusion of Those with Disabilities Committee, Rodef Sholom has been acknowleded as an accessible congregation by the National Organization on Disability.